Prototypes & Experiments

During the development of this practice-led PhD, numerous prototype and experimental projects have been created to test new tools and technologies and to generate illustrative resources for research projects and proposals. This page is a collection of those developmental pieces of work.

Newcastle Grainger Market Prototype Multisensory Experience

In partnership with colleagues from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds, a funding application is currently being developed which, building upon the outcomes of a previous funded project and set against the backdrop of political tensions following the result of the Brexit referendum, aims to understand city markets in the North of England as sites where multiculturalism is celebrated rather than problematised. With the intention to implement in-depth multimodal visual analyses, to study language and voice and to interrogate the lived experience of stallholders, the multisensory research methods developed as part of Experience Temple Works are an ideal fit and have already been trialled through the creation of binaural field recordings at Leeds Kirkgate Market and the prototype multisensory experience of Newcastle Grainger Market presented here.

Risiera di San Sabba

Developed in partnership with Romana Turina (who kindly visited the site and provided the image content), this prototype explores the concept of creating virtual experiences of sites related to the Holocaust. The production of this prototype informed the development of some of the ideas in the successful AHRC/ESPRC funding application Virtual Holocaust Memoryscapes.

Photographs with Binaural Sounds

As part of my ongoing research interest in challenging the ocularcentric nature of so many digital practices, I have experimented with the idea of sharing photographs online which are accompanied by binaural sound recordings. In all of the examples below, I have recorded ~2 minutes of audio prior to the camera shutter being released.

Clinic Escape Routes

As part of the funded research project Seismic Cities, we investigated the potential of interactive 360° photography as a way of demonstrating the safe escape routes out of a medical clinic during a 'seismic event'. The two prototypes below are the result of this idea, which was developed in collaboration with staff at the clinic.