Market Voices

The playlist below contains a number of binaural field recordings made at city markets around the world. These recordings were created for two reasons. I have an ongoing research interest in studying the sensory experience of 'contested spaces' and the ways in which the senses might both structure and reveal the power relationships present within them (see section 2.1 of the thesis). City markets provide a space in which these interests can be very vividly interrogated. A funding application is also in development with colleagues from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds. Building upon the outcomes of a previous funded project and set against the backdrop of political tensions following the result of the Brexit referendum, the proposed project aims to understand city markets in the North of England as sites where multiculturalism is celebrated rather than problematised. As the project intends to study language and voice, binaural field recordings such as these could be a valuable source of data.