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Temple Works Leeds:
A Multisensory, Emplaced and Individualised Narrative

Symposium: Northern Stories: on screen, through memory and in archives
Location: University of York
Date: July 7th 2014


This informal symposium offered me the opportunity to reflect upon the Experience Temple Works project as a platform for storytelling. I suspect that my presentation was something of a 'curveball' amongst the programme of talks largely focused upon film and television, but I got the impression that it was regarded as a welcome change, rather than a peculiarity.

Although I never pursued the idea of developing a storytelling platform any further, it was still a very worthwhile activity. It demonstrated the applicability of the technologies I was developing to another academic discipline, served as a reminder of the deep significance of Temple Works in narratives regarding the industrialisation of Yorkshire and gave structure to some of my arguments regarding the presentation and significance of ‘spatial narratives’ (see sections 4.3 and 5.3 of the thesis).