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Materiality in Sound and Listening

Location: University of Leeds
Date: March 22nd 2016

About the event

This symposium organised by Scott Mc Laughlin (University of Leeds) was an informal gathering of scholars with a shared interest in materiality, sound and listening.


The academic events I participated in related to materiality were very helpful in formalising some of my arguments regarding the material environment as an agential producer of sensory stimuli (see section 3.1 of the thesis) and as something which transforms those stimuli, resulting in sensory experiences which are not only socially constructed, but also reflective of the spatial and material qualities of place (see section 3.2 of the thesis). My contribution to these events was to address issues regarding sensory perception, materiality and digital mediation, drawing upon the work of Chris Salter and Christopher Witmore, to introduce the methodological innovations developed as part of Experience Temple Works and to provide an evaluation of the material qualities of the embodied technologies employed in my practice.