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Temple.Works.Leeds Legacy Exhibition 2016

Location: Leeds Central Library
Date: August 27th - September 7th 2016

About the event

Following the vacation of Temple Works in July 2016, funding from the Arts Council England was quickly secured for a ‘legacy exhibition’ at Leeds Central Library, celebrating the many accomplishments of the Temple.Works.Leeds community.


It was during the meetings in which this exhibition was formalised that I came to understand another very significant outcome of this practice-led PhD. It was widely agreed amongst those present at the meetings that the most significant ‘legacy’ of the community was Experience Temple Works and that it should therefore ‘take centre stage’ at the exhibition. Offering a vivid sensory experience of the site during the occupancy of Temple.Works.Leeds, representing many of the ‘cultural artefacts’ created by members of the community and offering everyone the capacity to share their memories, stories and related audiovisual media through the participatory functionality, Experience Temple Works is not simply an archive of ethnographic data, it is a meaningful component of the socially constructed and shared legacy of the community.